What is psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a social/psychological theory which recognizes that people operate within the context of other people. It is a method which utilizes guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised in a group. Clients role-play and enact various scenes including memories of past events, unfinished situations, inner dramas, fantasies, dreams, preparations for future risk-taking situations, or expressions of feeling states in the here and now.

Why should I consider individual therapy?

Individual therapy will help you discover your inner resources, create new roles, and pursue alternative life choices that replace outdated habits and life patterns that no longer work for you.

What is involved with group therapy?

One of my goals is to heal both the individual and our greater society through the creativity and connectedness that groups can generate. I believe that group therapy is especially effective in working with trauma, anxiety disorders, abandonment issues, and developing positive social skills and experiences.

What kind of people do you tend to work with?

I work with all sorts of people from many walks of life. Everyone has times in their lives where they may feel isolated, abandoned, or when they just feel that the scripts that have been guiding their actions don’t fit anymore. I specialize in family of origin issues, boundary issues, trauma, grief and loss, life transitions, and relationship issues past, present, and future. I offer honest and caring feedback in a nurturing environment using talk therapy as well as action methods such as psychodrama and sociometry.

Do you work with couples?

Yes, I am available for sessions with individuals and couples.

Why did you become a therapist?

I became a therapist for many reasons. I found that therapy turned my life around in really good ways and I want to pass that along to others. I believe in this process and have witnessed amazing changes in the lives of people who choose to do this work and challenge the status quo of their comfort zone that has become more of a rut than a comfort. I love this work and believe it benefits the greater good when people find more meaning in their lives as well as deeper connections to themselves and others. I am inspired by every person I work with and continue to learn and grow. I appreciate and admire the courage, the stories, and the wisdom of those with people who choose to do this work and choose me to be their ally.

What are your qualifications?

I have a masters degree (LIOS at Bastyr University) in family systems counseling and I have my certification in psychodrama, sociometry, and group therapy.

What are your hours?

My hours are flexible, and can change to meet most schedules. Please contact me directly for more detail about my availability.

How long is each session?

Individual sessions run to 60 minutes. Sessions may vary in length depending on each person’s needs, and I am happy to accommodate longer sessions when necessary.

Do you accept insurance?

I accept first choice and I am an out-of-network provider. Please check your insurance plan to confirm the details of your coverage around counseling care. I am happy to answer any additional questions about how I work with insurers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, credit cards

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes. Please contact me to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.

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